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"Second Chance is a well-constructed story with a solid plot and excellent subplots. All of the characters were incredibly contemporary and real, and the minor characters advanced the plot very well. ... I was hooked from the first page, and I could not wait to see what twist and turn was coming next. Therefore, I highly recommend this book."[full review at Wryter's Reviews]
Bethann Korsmit, Pennsylvania, author of Darkness Descending
"Wow! I rarely read novels, but was urged by a friend to read this one...and am I ever glad I did! After the first few chapters, I couldn't put it down! I was hooked by the story; laughing at the humor; and identifying with the 'second-wife' issues that Joy Collins so beautifully captured! I recommend this book to anyone wanting an entertaining and accurate 'ride' through one of life's less-than-fun events. I give it 5-Stars!"
Sheila U., Phoenix, Arizona, a reader
"Dialogue-driven first novel with excellent character development. The author does a fine job at letting the reader in on the innermost thoughts, feelings, and wit of the story's protagonist, Sara. ... Second Chance is a story with which all readers can identify, even if they've never been or only once married. Have a first try at Second Chance." [full review at]
Cynthia Flowers, Modena, New York, a reader
"Reading Joy Collins' Second Chance is like riding a whirlwind under dark skies of a desert monsoon. ... Second Chance is deeply insightful into relationships and in the end displays the beauty of that double rainbow we call love. It is a well written and compelling read."
Vivia Giovannini, Hemet, California, author of The Glass Ball
"I actually am a 'second wife,' so from beginning to end I could so easily identify with Sara's thoughts and emotions it actually felt like it was all happening to me - complete with tears, smiles and heart palpitations! I recently lent the book to my best friend, a woman who is a first wife (still married) with a daughter close in age to the protagonist's stepdaughter, and she said it was the best book she's read in ages. Great writing."
K. Weinberger, a reader
"I certainly appreciated its tight editing, show-don't-tell writing style, and realistic plotline. All the characters and subplots are well constructed, too. ... Good show, Ms. Collins! Keep up the good work!"
Floyd M. Orr, Austin, Texas, author and book critic
"From the moment I started reading Second Chance I couldn't put it down. As the reader I felt as if Sara was talking to me, discussing her problems trying to find solutions. I felt as if I was part of the family. I couldn't wait to get home in the evening to find out what was happening in Sara's life. So much so I was sorry to see the story end. I eagerly await the next book by Joy Collins."
Anonymous reviewer
"It took me only a few days to read Second Chance as I kept picking it up every time I had a few minutes to spare. It definitely held my attention. The characters are completely believable and the plot flows smoothly. ... Second Chance is a book I am happy to recommend to others." [full review at Amazon]
Amanda Hamm, author of Dear Jane Letters
"Tightly plotted and with crisply written dialogue, Second Chance is a luminously sympathetic look at marriages lost and found, and almost lost but found again." [full review at Blogger News Network]
Celia Hayes, San Antonio, Texas, author of To Truckee's Trail
"Being a woman who is divorced and remarried, Sara knows a lot about second chances, which is a strong theme through this book. What I liked best about Collins' use of this theme is that she makes it realistic ... I highly recommend this book, especially if you're a woman, and especially if you're in a relationship situation dealing with divorce. This fun and meaningful read will not only help to entertain you but will help you examine your own life."
JM, Australia, author, book reviewer, blogger

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I'm thrilled to report that Second Chance is being so well received!

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